Future Shapers

Future Shapers

24 — 28 May 2021

In a fully digital Start & Scale Week, let's explore how the future is built by the hand of the future shapers. It's time to celebrate the work of founders, of those who will become entrepreneurs, investors, energizers, and communities. Meet some of their stories.

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We’re all pieces stacking the future. Shaping it.

We’re all pieces stacking the future. Shaping it.

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Start & Scale Week 2021

A week to celebrate technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. This year, the Start & Scale Week goes virtual in an edition that shares stories that shape the future and promotes new opportunities. Explore the on-demand content, join the live events, and be part of the journey!

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ScaleUp Porto.

Included in Porto’s municipal strategy for competitiveness, ScaleUp Porto is the city's core program to boost innovation and entrepreneurship.

For all tech players, local and foreign, it is a catalyst for the development of a strong, solid and sustainable startup ecosystem.

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It’s your turn to Start & Scale

40 pages of inspiration and lessons from some of the best tech players in Porto.

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